This… Simple piece of jewelry might be of elven craft
For now my forces aren’t enough to take what’s ours, but one day…

It’s the elves! The elves from Gray Havens!

The Main Hall was upgraded again and I could see how the finished construction raised people’s spirits. That night at the tavern everyone was proud. The atmosphere could not be better! It did not matter if it was a man, an elf or a dwarf, everyone was laughing, drinking, singing and dancing. I could feel that this happiness would soon be over.

On following days, we bolstered our settlement’s defenses, trained more troops and gathered resources. I ordered commanders to mock battles and prepare strategy for defense and attack. We managed to occupy new lands of high power.

Last night I saw fire nearby the river. “Ring the bells!” shouted Faramir, “Gondor!” – cried Boromir while running outside the city walls into darkness with his army. “So this is it” – I thought and gave orders to Dwalin and Gimli who stayed with me inside the city. We prepared defenses and waited for scouts to return.

After three or four hours, one of them came back with terrible news. He was pale as the White Tree. “It’s the elves! The elves from Gray Havens! Why are they doing this?! Why are they attacking Gondor?” he cried. He was immediately taken to the apothecary. The rest of my soldiers had to know the truth. I went to the city gate and said: “We stand still. We stand fast. Gondor must stand! No matter what kind of evil comes to us. We will not let it through! They might come as beautiful elves, but their hearts are corrupted and they are no more than orcs now! Ready your swords and arrows! It is our turn in the War of the Ring!”

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