Saruman called, so we arrived at his doors

Gondor must stand!

Sauron’s forces did not attack our capital. I wondered why they suddenly stopped. Then I was reached by the king’s scouts informing me that Lindon’s armies were on their way to take the Ring.

After a long siege, Dol Guldur was captured. Elven armies conquered the place where the One Ring was hidden. Nobody was able to predict what might happen now. On the one hand, it was a relief that the Ring was in the hands of these wise creatures, but was it really going to be put to good use? On the other hand, who will be strong enough to lead their people and challenge the maker of the Ring, Sauron, at the same time?

With the help of the Ring, Rohan was conquered and so was Arnor and Isengard.

The new history of Middle-earth was written before our eyes. New forces reign in the world and a lot is bound to change. Gondor, once mighty, has become just a small patch of land.

Whatever happens, we will not surrender. We will seek new allies among the peoples of the north, among the dwarves and the elves of Caras Galadhon. Among those who will want to fight to the very end, even if we have to leave these lands, we will surely return.

Gondor must stand!

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