The light of hope was fading
Gondor must stand!

Saruman called, so we arrived at his doors

Saruman called, so we arrived at his doors. He told us that war, real war, was finally coming. One of the final touches I had to add was to build Quarters for the armies of our allies. Because The White Wizard is calling them. All of them. Time for the little mock battle is over. Even Ugthak said that our armies and commanders – him included – are ready for bigger battles. And so they were.

While we were finishing building the city and fortifying the lands, I made the last moves to clean my country. I had to conquer a couple of well-protected territories. In one of them, my armies faced Faramir himself, the son of Gondor. The battle was bloody, many warriors fell on both sides. Sometimes it looked as if he broke my orcs, uruk-hai and beasts. But he and his troops were stranded. On hostile land.

Our land.

And I had my armies all over the region. When one commander had to retreat, I sent the other one. And then, the battle was finally over. Ugthak forced this bastard from Gondor to flee. My soldier has proven that he’s worthy once again. If he could rise after his failure, all the lands will be ours. And trust me, they will be bathed in blood…

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