Even Sauron himself couldn’t stop those weak creatures
This… Simple piece of jewelry might be of elven craft

He brought allies with him; this time it were the Eagles!

Aragorn II, King of Men sent a messenger, asking me to visit Minas Tirith once again.

He said that many friendly races sent their greetings and that we should welcome them to our city. This meant, of course, building unity in the face of danger. He also thanked me for my service so far and was glad that he could entrust me with a new task.

After my return, it turned out that a large group of elves had already arrived, and we needed a place for them. Fortunately, we had enough resources gathered, so we started constructing quarters right away.

One night, I saw a blazing sky from the northern tower. Scouts later reported to me that it was a Balrog. I only hoped the other commanders would banish this terrible beast.

Gandalf visited again. And again, he brought allies with him, and not some allies; this time it were the Eagles! I was glad that these wonderful creatures agreed to join us. He later told me about Mysterious Springs, potent sources of power. May I one day control one of them for Gondor!

I also heard disturbing news from Western posts. Many armies were on the move and were besieging multiple keeps. I also heard about the fight between Lindon and Arnor. I did not want to believe these rumours, but I knew from history that rings of power can overwhelm their masters’ will. Nevertheless, I hoped that the servants of evil would not invade yet.

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