Good news before a storm!
He brought allies with him; this time it were the Eagles!

Even Sauron himself couldn’t stop those weak creatures

Most humans, orcs, elves and other races don’t pay heed to history. They live here and now. And that’s their mistake. History can show us a decent amount of lessons and teach us what to avoid in the future. And this is where I’m heading with my armies and my power. One day I may be able to gain more than my ancient Iron Ring. If I learn properly. And I hope the Red Book will teach me well.

What I learnt from stories about the First War for the Ring was that Sauron’s doom was in his arrogance. He underestimated the capability of humans, elves and dwarves to adapt. They did, and they survived even if at first it seemed impossible.

In the first round Sauron forces were led by Witch-king of Angmar reigned supreme. They won battle after battle. But even their forces had limits. And they reached these limits eventually. Army of Witch-king marched too far and left some lands unguarded. And they also didn’t have time to recover.

That’s when the armies of Elrond and Gil-Galad started their victorious raids and battles. Even Sauron himself couldn’t stop those weak creatures. Yes, one man succumbed to the power of the One Ring, but either way, he won. His was the victory until arrogance became his doom. Such as Sauron’s before. I won’t make this mistake.

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