So it begins

For the dark glory of Isengard

What do you think, when you see an ork? Or uruk-hai? You think of a monster, ruthless beast, that’s lacking any sense of purpose. Or maybe you feel a pity, because some of them, orcs, were once beautiful elves. You know what I think? I think it doesn’t matter, because we, orcs, uruk-hai and other beasts of Isengard are coming for you all, little, delicate humanoids. Yes, I know all those pretty words. They are weapons as well as sword, axe or bow. They can inflict pain and torture. That’s something I know too.

And now I, Morgrimmar, possessor of Iron Ring, the leader of Isengard’s army, am coming for you all. I’m going to use every tool you provided me with. I’m coming for everything. For your souls, flesh, blood and possessions. For your power. For your rings.

And I’m doing it for Saruman. For the dark glory of Isengard. I’m doing it…  for me.

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