For the dark glory of Isengard
His name was Saruman. Saruman the White

So it begins

Everything shall be different from now on. They say it is only visible when you finally stand in front of it and then it is too late.

War has come to our lands. Every child from my neighborhood inside the walls of the White City knew by heart the stories of evil hiding behind Mountains of Shadow. We treated it as a story, a fairy tale which our elders would revoke from time to time. But now we have to face it. I have to face it. Not so long ago, I received a new duty to fulfil, I was one of the new tacticians who were given small settlements, mostly villages and towns in the land of Gondor.

I took my belongings, said goodbye to my old life and took the burden of responsibility to my shoulders with pride, as a true servant of the White Tree always should. I packed my belongings carefully, I wanted to be prepared as best as possible. Clothes, books, scrolls, armor, shield and my trustworthy sword. Among many jute bags, there also was a small wooden chest, in which I kept my heritage, passed down my family for decades.

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