Gandalf returned from Minas Tirith with the two hobbits, Merry and Pippin.
The light of hope was fading

My territory grew bigger and wider

Gollum suggested occupying richer and more valuable lands, but for that I needed better leaders. At first, we built a bigger Training Camp. We had to teach them new tactics and force them to… Exercise. Strategy was one thing, but they also had to inspire troops by taking part in battles and destroying enemies in the field.

And the best training – though I ordered some Mock Battles in the meantime – was conquest of land. That’s what my armies did. The sound of iron was heard around nearby lands. Enemies saw fire and arrows – and that was their end. And the beginning of my conquest.

My territory grew bigger and wider. Commanders got to know their armies better and hardened their bond with troops.

Unfortunately, Agzok got too confident and raided an opponent way stronger than himself – Balin. Not much was left of Agzok’s elite legions. When he got back, he faced my rage and punishment, but I couldn’t get rid of this idiot. He was one of my most experienced warriors. And I’m pretty sure he’d learnt his lesson and wouldn’t make this mistake again.

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