My territory grew bigger and wider
Saruman called, so we arrived at his doors

The light of hope was fading

Gondor was divided and the enemy managed to take advantage of it. Despite their efforts, there were traitors among the tacticians, who wanted to save the kingdom. Many of them turned to the enemy’s side, thus destroying the trust they had earned together. Therefore, it was easier for Lindon to take over all of the important keeps in our kingdom.

The Swan Knight Stable was built. We could now recruit the most elite soldiers in Gondor and concentrate our efforts on the defense of Minas Tirith. From the walls of the capital, we saw the incoming fire from the direction of the Land of Shadow.

For a moment there, we thought the Elves of Gray Havens meet the orcs in battle, but they had other intentions. We could only watch as our weakened forces on the other side of the river were decimated by the minions of Sauron. Forts were built on the sites of the ruins, in which the troops gathered, ready to besiege the city. Soon, Osgiliath was taken by the dark forces of Mordor. The light of hope was fading.

We withdrew the troops to the capital to prepare for the final battle. We were not sure if anybody would come to aid us in this dark hour.

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