For now my forces aren’t enough to take what’s ours, but one day…
Realizing that brute force is not enough

The Elves were swift and proud.

Elven attacks continued throughout the night. I could feel we would not see victory with the first light. There were too many of them! It was an invasion and I feared that mercy was not to be hoped for. I gave the order to evacuate civilians with a small escorting squad. Fortunately, the enemy did not find out about our secret passage – we used smaller gates hidden in the walls on the opposite site of the city. As I had feared, they soon breached the gates and blood was spilled inside thee city.

The Elves were swift and proud. They did not hesitate to move or strike, but my men did not back down easily. Through the roar of the battle, I heard the horn of Gondor. Boromir was back with reinforcements! Great shadows fell from the clouds and struck the elven warriors. Seeing Eagles hunting, I thought for a moment that we could win. But soon, elven arrows pierced the air and hit several of our winged friends. Boromir had to retreat and so did we, running behind the second layer of walls.

Casualties were almost even on both sides but our strength was failing. Soon they breached the second gate. We fought back but we could not win. Two hours before dawn, the battle was over. Only one hundred of us were left of the five thousand who fought that night. We were left at the mercy of elves.

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