The Elves were swift and proud.
His name was Haldir

Realizing that brute force is not enough

That wasn’t the only reason why I needed a stronger army. Ugthak and Agzok pointed out that my troops simply needed more training before marching to face more formidable foes. I took their advice seriously. Even the greatest army could fall if troops and commanders didn’t know what to do. Field experience is one thing, but they needed better training to prepare before battle.

That’s why I ordered upgrading the Barracks, Uruk Quarters and other buildings devoted to my military units. They needed to know that their leader, though fearsome and ruthless, was able to provide them with proper tools to beat the hell out of our enemy. They were more than eager to do that if treated correctly.

Also, I demanded from my craftsmen to improve weapons that my troops used. Because if you’re going to war, you need proper preparations. When you’re leading bigger and bigger armies, you’re starting to realize that brute force is not enough (though, it’s still one of the basic ingredients).

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