We lost many good people
Gandalf returned from Minas Tirith with the two hobbits, Merry and Pippin.

We were just preparing for bigger conquest

Even brutal enforcers have to trade sometimes in order to be truly rich and to prosper. But who would have thought that the first person to walk into my chambers to admit that we needed to take care of business would be Ugthak. So it seems that this fierce, brutal warrior amounted to something more than axe and brute force.

Who would have thought.

After all, he’s my first commander and he fought in more battles than any other soldier in my army. So I expanded my trading posts. Then we started to trade and prices were… Acceptable. Our glory probably helped.

With more money and resources at our disposal, I ordered more upgrades. My engineers and workers build for me an Uruk Archer Camp and a Breaker Lair. Main Hall also got bigger thanks to resources gained by trading.

It seemed like we were building a normal city, but no. We were just preparing for bigger conquest. We weren’t ready yet, but the time would come very soon.

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