Such a fallen creature
We were just preparing for bigger conquest

We lost many good people

We lost many good people, though their sacrifice was not in vain. We survived and had to regroup. Fortunately, we were welcomed in a settlement which was almost abandoned because of war. Similar buildings were making up for the loss and soon, everybody could feel it was their new home. Our situation was stable… At least for now.

I gave the order to take new lands. I hired more builders to speed up constructions. We had much to do in this new place. The enemy could attack at any time. We had to prepare the settlement’s defenses.

Gandalf went to Minas Tirith again, entrusting the city to me. Meanwhile, Gollum appeared, lured by the power of the One Ring; he despaired and urged me to attack Dol Guldur at once, where the Ring had been left. We were not ready for it, and we certainly could not attack alone. Especially after the recent defeat.

On the following days I saw many Gondor banners heading towards Dor-en-Ernil Keep. It was an important site which had to be captured for our kingdom. Soon, a squad of volunteers was formed and Boromir and Gimli took the lead to aid the upcoming siege.

Four days later, a scout reported that the fortress had been captured.

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