It was time to rise and shine…
Even uruk-hai know that you don’t mess with those who serve your beer

Gimli, son of Glóin, appeared in our town!

Having Dwarves around changed the atmosphere in our settlement for good. Although there are many differences between our kinds, their humor and heart-lifting spirits were something everyone was longing for.

Working together, constructing new structures, created bonds between us. Dwarves are known as excellent builders and they were proving it all the time. We raised new rooms for the main hall, built an apothecary which will give aid to those hurt in battles, made a new site for storage and allocated new land for a conscription post. I spent many hours working among my people and I could not hear any complaining. Everyone knows how dire the situation in the world is at the moment.

I took my belongings, said goodbye to my old life and took the burden of responsibility on my shoulders with pride as a true servant of the White Tree should always be. I packed my belongings carefully, I wanted to be prepared as well as I could ever be. Clothes, books, scrolls, armor, shield and my trustworthy sword. Among many yute bags I also took a small wooden chest, in which I kept my heritage, which has been present in my family for many decades.

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