It was a promising sign for our future
Gimli, son of Glóin, appeared in our town!

It was time to rise and shine…

It was time to rise and shine… In a bloody way. It was the time for the first conquest. I unleashed Agzok and Ughtak on nearby lands. I needed resources, wood, iron and others, especially those fueling the power of my ring. And I got them. Sure, armies of my commanders got bruised once or twice, but it was nothing healers from my pharmacy couldn’t manage. Grounds around my settlement weren’t that rich, but I needed them as roads for my army anyway. So I conquered them by the hands of my ruthless warriors. They made me proud.

Of course, occasionally they faced somebody tougher or better prepared for my armies. That’s why Agzok once or twice called for reinforcements. And who am I to forbid a little bit of butchery for my children awaiting in barracks?

While my dear children were playing on the battlefield, I was occupied with further developments of my quarters. I needed places to gather wood, stone, iron and other supplies. So I started giving proper orders.

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