With full support of Saruman, what could oppose me?
Even Sauron himself couldn’t stop those weak creatures

Good news before a storm!

I decided to dedicate more of my time to study the red book and refresh my knowledge of important moments of the War of the Ring. Every day at sunrise, I read about the struggles, betrayals, fears and obstacles. The stories, although not new to me, still presented a valuable layer of wisdom which was not understandable for me when I was just a child.

I found that my ring may have been forged by ancient elves! I could feel the growing power of my ring and I was ready to do more for my people!

We started to conscript new raiders and train them to hone their combat ability. The time has come to reach beyond our immediate surroundings – we started to think about territorial expansion.

One day, Faramir went on a reconnaissance and when he came back, his brother, Boromir, arrived. It was quite a view! Faramir said we could use old ruins to station our units there, and that we should build forts to extend our armies’ marching distance.

The economy of our city flourished, people traded with each other. Good news before a storm! Now we also had stronger commanders and indeed more troops to defend ourselves, but also to expand our borders with new, fertile lands.

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