So it begins
He kept asking me about the Ring

His name was Saruman. Saruman the White

Even when you’re the aggressor, you don’t start war. It just comes to your doors as an offer. Mine had an old face, white beard and all the power human (or else) being could ever imagine. His name was Saruman. Saruman the White. He asked me to lead his armies, protect the Isengard and help it rise into prosperity.

Of course, I agreed. It was my time to shine and take everything I ever imagined into possession. The very same day everything began. With words of this little, pathetic creature, Gollum. Saruman the Great read through them and knew it all. The One Ring has been awakened. And the enemy was at our gates.

I gathered all the troops we had and ordered my leutnant Ugthak to smash the opponent. It wasn’t easy, for it was the formidable foe, Faramir, son of Gondor. Though, my… our forces defeated his army, he ran away. And I was sure, it wasn’t the last time we’d heard of him. Wise warrior knows, when to abandon the battlefield. He did. Thanks to that, we rescued another useful lieutenant, brutal and unstoppable Agzok. He offered his axe, talents and iron will for free. Good, because everything else costs this days.

Sometimes I think, it costs too much.

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