His name was Saruman. Saruman the White
Battle and bloodshed is in our nature

He kept asking me about the Ring

It all happened so rapidly. At one moment I was sitting in our town hall kitchen with a few of my people having a beer and the next thing I knew was talking with an old, tall man with a greyish (or maybe it was quite blueish), pointy hat on top of his head, who kept asking me about a ring. I must admit I’d already had two or three pints and I felt just a little dizzy. Suddenly, I recognized the stranger and instantly sobered up.

It was Gandalf, of course it was him!

He kept asking me about the Ring, about any information on its location, but he quickly explained he wanted to see my family ring. I didn’t want to irritate him so I ran to my quarters without hesitation and brought back the wooden chest with all the trinkets inside. The wizard took it from me, turned the box upside down above our table, spilling out all the contents to examine the jewelry. He took a small, silver ring with a sapphire and told me to put it on my finger.

It was that moment.

I felt it for the first time in my entire life. I could feel it, an instant warmth started to fill my arm and was going straight to my heart. Gandalf explained that there are many rings, which were forged for different purposes and powers. Those who wear them have a great responsibility but also a privilege.

When I become stronger, gain more experience, my ring will be more useful to me and my people. He didn’t explain how and when it will happen but showed me the very first step on how to use its power. As I learned, this came very handy in the upcoming days.

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