He kept asking me about the Ring
It was a promising sign for our future

Battle and bloodshed is in our nature

After the dust and bloodlust settled, we could go back to work. If you think it’s that easy, you don’t know us, orcs and uruk-hai. Battle and bloodshed is in our nature. It’s something we want and we’re willing to do. It’s like we’re created for that. But we also want to build, create… and to conquer, but not just that. We had to calm our temper and to take control.

Isengard was… not in the best shape to say the least. I had to check plans of the whole city, which lay in the Main Hall (which also needed some… love; what a terrible word). Before I could think of a decent conquest, I had to take care of pretty much everything.

I started from the basics and I questioned how Saruman the White could lead to this ruin?… One day I’ll get my answer. For now, I’ve started from rebuilding barracks, magazines and a place where an apothecary could work his magic on my troops. They needed caretaking after the first battle, but I’ll make the orcs out of them. They’ll be unbeatable even if they barely resemble cannon fodder at this point.

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