Battle and bloodshed is in our nature
It was time to rise and shine…

It was a promising sign for our future

We started to build basic structures needed in our settlement. If we wanted to grow we should gather supplies, grow crops and earn money. First solid structures were completed on time and people were looking for a place to celebrate. Unfortunately, our tavern was still more of an office than a place to gather, drink and talk. Gandalf was still with us, he suggested I should meet one of Gondor’s commanders. I could not go empty-handed and he said I must prepare some gifts for the person I was about to meet.

Fortunately, I knew Faramir, albeit not very well. I must say the meeting was quite the honor. Younger son of Denethor has a humble heart and he knew the gravity of the situation. He agreed to join our cause by commanding troops and defending lands from Sauron’s minions. Immediately after the agreement was made, we established barracks which will help conscript new units.

Faramir left the town with freshly ensigned militia and began to patrol the nearby area. He drew off some rebel forces who were conspiring against us. Few days later, I saw him coming back with bigger forces than he left. He brought with Dwarves and Dwalin himself!

It was a promising sign for our future.

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