I was given the title of Honorary Lord of Gondor
Good news before a storm!

With full support of Saruman, what could oppose me?

In the meantime I was raising my city to prominence. More and more gold, power and resources were flowing to my gates. And I knew exactly how to put them to good use. I decided to fuel my ring with more might. You’d be surprised how a small piece of jewelry can transform your mind and enhance your leadership skills. I even managed to show my commander how to lead bigger armies – and I suddenly know how to rule more lands than ever (of course by brute force, at least at the very beginning).

Then, came the messenger. Saruman called to the capital. To the Tower Orthank. How could I decline? Ugzak ventured with me. It appeared it was time to honor my ruling and my battles. Saruman the White made me one of the Lords of Isengard. I officially became one of his vassals. That means I started becoming a formidable force. With full support of Saruman, what could oppose me? Saruman also gave me something unique. The Red Book, a chronicle of War for the Ring. good leaders should learn from the past mistakes of the others.

Sometimes my armies faced harder obstacles and they had to retreat, but they always came back with more frightening bloodthirst in their eyes.

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