Realizing that brute force is not enough
Such a fallen creature

His name was Haldir

They took us outside the city walls. We were sitting there, unarmed, on bare ground until noon, sorted into tens and guarded by several regiments. Every one of us was exhausted. I could not see hope in the eyes of my soldiers while they watched armies of proud elves marching east. I was worried about civilians, but somehow I could feel they were safe.

To my surprise the elven commander decided to let us go. He said he had more important tasks than figuring out the fate of a few peasants. Then they took us to a nearby river crossing and left.

We could not stay there, we had to move. We decided to go towards our capital. Fortunately an hour later we met one of Boromir’s scouts who was sent to find out what happened to the town. He told me that civilians were safely evacuated before and were on their way to Belfalas region.

I did not want to waste more time and we changed our destination. Thankfully, on our way, we met helpful souls who gave us food and treated the most severely wounded. We marched for three days, still hoping to meet familiar faces.

And we did! Faramir, with a few trusted rangers, was waiting for us at the border of the region. There was also an Elf who decided to help us, help Gondor. His name was Haldir.

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