His name was Haldir
We lost many good people

Such a fallen creature

Isengard could be a bizarre place at a time. You had to surround yourself with rather unusual advisors. Agzok and Ugthak were one thing, but Gollum… This creature was something else. I still wonder when he will betray me, because it’s clear that he cares only about The Ring. And he didn’t want it for power. He desired it just to possess it. While I have to be prepared for his betrayal, his advice was useful. He developed a pretty strong sense of strategy, especially for such a fallen creature.

He noted that my armies had reached their maximum marching range. Now, they needed places to rest. That’s why I ordered to build more Forts, where troops could catch a breath before raiding further territories. Ugthak, Agzok and Yussra battled another opponents and conquered more lands in my name.

In the meantime, I was preparing my capital for bigger operations and a more spectacular army. Conscription post and Barracks underwent further development. While I was doing all of this, I felt it. I felt that power of my Ring grown stronger. And stronger. Does it ever stop? Probably not. So I could say about my ambition.

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