Time to recruit the third commander
With full support of Saruman, what could oppose me?

I was given the title of Honorary Lord of Gondor

While Faramir, Dwalin and Gimli were on their missions, hunting down servants of evil, I was summoned to Minas Tirith, where I received a great honor – I was given the title of Honorary Lord of Gondor. I traveled to the city with Gandalf and spent a few days there. The wizard found a red book in the city library and gave it to me saying I should return to my settlement without further ado. He said that the book recounts the history of the Middle-earth, and may contain clues about the Ring. I promised myself I will study it at once upon my return. In one of the wooden chests, we brought with us a Royal Banner of Elendil I had found.

The King of Gondor was very generous. He gave me three hundred Guards of the Tower! It was a sight to behold. Tall, strong men wearing shiny armors, winged helmets, armed with spears and long shields with the White Tree emblem etched on them.

When I arrived back, I received a report of completed works in the settlement. I found my commanders working with a blacksmith, reinforcing their weapons. Gandalf once again had to leave to investigate the enemy’s movements.

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