We should create a Fellowship
I was given the title of Honorary Lord of Gondor

Time to recruit the third commander

I was beginning to like the inn with those terrible drinks – terrible even for my taste. While I was visiting it in search of information and to see who among the mercenaries could fit as my third commander, I got the message. The important one. Saruman was back with good news – everything was going according to the plan, even with such strong opponents as Gondor. And he wasn’t alone. He brought a force to be recon with and left it with me. I should have been happy, though I wasn’t. I’m used to beasts, monsters and the face that looks at me in the mirror. We are all living things. But Saruman the White operates on a different level of understanding and doesn’t care if his weapons are those of the living – or those of the dead. That’s why he brought the army of Barrow Wights. Guess even this kind of help is better than none.

While I was dealing with my newfound allies, Azgok and Ugthak reigned supreme on the nearby battlefields. No protector could stand a chance against them.

It was time to make some allies outside the territory, so I – as Saruman advised – signed pacts with other forces of “darkness.” Now I wasn’t alone in my battles.

And it was about time to recruit the third commander. I chose Yusraa, a young warlord from the land of Haradrim. I heard rumors and tales that she had to kill hundreds of enemies to forge her status as a leader. Time will tell if this is true.

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