Even uruk-hai know that you don’t mess with those who serve your beer
Time to recruit the third commander

We should create a Fellowship

Days were passing by, full of hard work: we were building and patrolling our lands, taking care of the wounded. I had multiple meetings with various Commanders to discuss our next move. The army was getting stronger, and so was the settlement. More people from nearby lands came to seek refuge, we were bearing new responsibilities every day.

Since the opening of the tavern, I have encountered many visitors from different parts of Middle-earth, even the mysterious Elves! Good thing we still had some of that fine ale… Many brought rumors with them, and whenever I could, I dispatched Commanders to follow those leads. If my leaders can gain more experience before any battle, I will be more than happy.

One day when I was doing my morning routine in the Main Hall, Gandalf paid me another visit, but this time, he came along with a dozen tall, strong, fierce people beside him. They were the Beornings – The Skin Changers! I have read about Beorn in Bilbo’s book but never seen anyone who resembled the descriptions with my own eyes. I greeted them properly with food and drink, and prepared for them a place to stay. Once again, I gave my thanks to Gandalf for these unexpected guests. Later that day, the wizard suggested we should look for new allies among other settlements and create a Fellowship to help each other in need.

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